Education Research Service



Building on the existing talents of our faculty and the principles underlying the practice of the Center for Family and Community Medicine, the Center conducts research that informs improved approaches to the practice of primary and preventative care, emphasizing the evaluation and elimination of health care disparities. Research efforts focus on strengthening the Center's mission in the interests of (1) Pedagogy, the art and science of teaching, (2) Prevention and Behavioral Health and (3) Practice related quality improvement.

Current projects by Family Medicine faculty that address these themes include:

  1. Committee-Oriented Primary Care: Girl Talk/Guy Talk and Tar Wars
  2. The Narrative Medicine Training Initiative
  3. The Informatics mode of medical student instruction
  4. Women's Health: prenatal care, family planning, pregnancy and obesity

"Ultimately what we are hoping to accomplish, is to take the remarkable scientific findings of evidence based biomedicine and translate them into practical approaches to deliver clinical care in communities that experience the greatest inequities in health care. As family physicians, we believe that excellent health care services address the biomedical-genes, cells, tissues, organs and the psychosocial-family, community, environment. Our research is about teaching and applying the bio-psychosocial approach to promoting the health of our patients. We practice at the intersection of individual care and population based public health services. This is an exciting place to be working."

- Dr. Richard Younge




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