CFCM Hosts 18th Annual Residents Graduation Ceremony

The 2017 Residents Graduation Ceremony was held on Thursday, June 22, 2017.  This marked the 18th year of the Family Medicine Residency Graduation Ceremony.  Those who graduated includes (pictured below): Drs. Quang Huynh, MD, Lalita Abhyankar, MD, Sharon Chacko, MD, Elyceia Dortch, MD, Lara Harisay, MD, David Jang, MD. Congratulations to all!!!

Residents and Faulty Presented at 50th Annual STFM Conference

FP050 Improving Rates of Post-Partum Depression Screening at a Family Medicine Health Center, a Team Based Quality Improvement Project, Sharon Marise Chacko, MD; Quang Huynh; Mary Claire Abbot; Stephanie Arnold; Jenny Bohrman; Heather Belle; Rebecca Leeds; Urmi Desai, MD; Heather Paladine, MD

B051 Getting the Word Out: Sharing the Realities of Rural Medicine With Future Rural Physicians, Carol Hustedde, PhD; Heather Paladine, MD; Julie Phillips, MD, MPH; Andrea Wendling, MD

B071 Flipping Feedback: A Workshop for Residents on Receiving Feedback, Heather Paladine, MD; Krishna Desai; Laura Belland

S78 Strategies to Facilitate Successful Part-time Employment, Heather Paladine, MD; Sarina Schrager, MD, MS; Andrew Slattengren, DO; Vincent WinklerPrins, MD; Emily Holt, DO, MPH

FP087 Improving Satisfaction in Feedback for Faculty Members at a Family Medicine Residency Program, Lalita Abhyankar; Sharon Marise Chacko, MD

FP148 Optimizing Resident Engagement in Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) – Analysis of an Active Learning Model, Rebecca Leeds, MD; Sharon Marise Chacko, MD; Anita Softness, MD

FP149 Increasing Advance Directive Discussions with Elderly Patients at a Community Health Center: A Quality Improvement Project, Lalita Abhyankar; Louis Cicatelli DO; Urmi Desai, MD

FP059 Patterns of Patient Non-Attendance at a Community Health Center, David Jang; Susan Lin, DrPH; Nan Liu

FP142 Evaluation of Formative Experiences Amongst Columbia P&S Graduates Choosing Primary Care Residencies, Christie Miles; Morgan Beatty; Urmi Desai, MD

Family Medicine Grand Rounds

Resident Research and Team QI Projects

Presenters: NYP Family Medicine Residents

Classes of 2017, 2018 & 2019

Date: Thursday, April 13, 2017

Time: 4:30pm–7:00pm

Location: Russ Berrie Medical Center 1st fl., Conf. Rm. 2 (1150 St Nicholas Avenue & 168th Street)

Light Refreshments will be Served

CFCM Hosts 17th Annual Residents Graduation Ceremony

The 2016 Residents Graduation Ceremony was held on Thursday, June 23, 2016.  This marked the 17th year of the Family Medicine Residency Graduation Ceremony.  Those who graduated includes (pictured below): Drs. Anoop Raman, MD, Chrsitine Chang, MD, Michael Spertus, MD, Olivia Perlmutt, MD, Emily Holt, DO, Zane Martindale, MD. Congratulations to all!!!