Columbia P&S medical students are amazing. Last night, more than 20 of them organized a hackathon to brainstorm and discuss ways to further CFCM's important mission within Columbia P&S and the community as a whole. Thanks so much for all of your support!

"Accelerating Primary Care in NYC"

Great event last night!  Hosted jointly by Columbia's FMIG and CFCM. Dr. Neil Calman, co-founder and President of Institute for Family Health and Chair of the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS), and Dr. David Muller, Dean of Medical Education at ISMMS, came and talked about the growth and development of primary care and the role of family medicine in NYC.

            Dr. David Muller (left), Dr. Neil Calman (center), Dr. Richard Younge (right).

           Dr. David Muller (left), Dr. Neil Calman (center), Dr. Richard Younge (right).

The Future of CFCM

On Octobter 12th, New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) revealed initial plans to eliminate our Family Medicine residency program. They reversed that plan in fewer than 36 hours, attributed in large part to the swift outcry by medical students, residents, attendings, community leaders, and primary care supporters nationwide.

The measure of our worth in medical education was demonstrated yesterday in a Town Hall meeting where over 300 Columbia medical students met with Dr. Lee Goldman, Dean of the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine and Chief Executive of Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) to promote not the end but the growth of Family Medicine at CUMC. We are proud, too, that NYPH listened to our concerns and saw the value of a continued partnership with us.

This incident only strengthened our future and produced an outpouring of support for rejuvenation of Family Medicine to meet the growing national need for primary and preventive care. We are the specialists of primary care and we are the frontline experts in the health of our unique surrounding community. As Dean Goldman states on his Dean’s Page, “Today this neighborhood represents a microcosm of our global neighborhood, which in turn leads to a very diverse patient population, especially for those interested in pursuing a career in Family Medicine in an urban environment.”

We embrace this opportunity to work with CUMC and NYPH to lead innovation in primary care delivery and residency training now and in the future.