Residents and Faulty Presented at 50th Annual STFM Conference

FP050 Improving Rates of Post-Partum Depression Screening at a Family Medicine Health Center, a Team Based Quality Improvement Project, Sharon Marise Chacko, MD; Quang Huynh; Mary Claire Abbot; Stephanie Arnold; Jenny Bohrman; Heather Belle; Rebecca Leeds; Urmi Desai, MD; Heather Paladine, MD

B051 Getting the Word Out: Sharing the Realities of Rural Medicine With Future Rural Physicians, Carol Hustedde, PhD; Heather Paladine, MD; Julie Phillips, MD, MPH; Andrea Wendling, MD

B071 Flipping Feedback: A Workshop for Residents on Receiving Feedback, Heather Paladine, MD; Krishna Desai; Laura Belland

S78 Strategies to Facilitate Successful Part-time Employment, Heather Paladine, MD; Sarina Schrager, MD, MS; Andrew Slattengren, DO; Vincent WinklerPrins, MD; Emily Holt, DO, MPH

FP087 Improving Satisfaction in Feedback for Faculty Members at a Family Medicine Residency Program, Lalita Abhyankar; Sharon Marise Chacko, MD

FP148 Optimizing Resident Engagement in Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) – Analysis of an Active Learning Model, Rebecca Leeds, MD; Sharon Marise Chacko, MD; Anita Softness, MD

FP149 Increasing Advance Directive Discussions with Elderly Patients at a Community Health Center: A Quality Improvement Project, Lalita Abhyankar; Louis Cicatelli DO; Urmi Desai, MD

FP059 Patterns of Patient Non-Attendance at a Community Health Center, David Jang; Susan Lin, DrPH; Nan Liu

FP142 Evaluation of Formative Experiences Amongst Columbia P&S Graduates Choosing Primary Care Residencies, Christie Miles; Morgan Beatty; Urmi Desai, MD